December 3, 2022


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Valkyrie Elysion

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Valkyrie Elysion

Valkyrie Elysion

On YouTube “Famitsu Strategy ch”, we are serializing the strategy video of “VALKYRIE ELYSIUM

The video introduced this time is a summary of the boss strategy, and explains the boss strategies for Chapters 1 to 8 (Chapters 1 to 8), excluding the final boss.

Valkyrie Elysion wins easily! Summary of Boss Strategy (Chapters 1-8)

 This is a walkthrough video that explains how to easily defeat the bosses (8 bodies) in Chapters 1 to 8 of the story.

 In addition to effective fighting that makes full use of weak point attributes and weak point weapons, it also explains how to avoid enemy attacks that you should be careful about, so please listen to it when you challenge the boss battle or look back on the boss battle!

"Valkyrie Elysion" video: Easy win with this!  Summary of Boss Strategy (Chapter 1-8) Explanation of effective fighting using weak points attributes and weak weapons [Famitsu Strategy ch]

 YouTube “Famitsu Strategy ch” will continue to upload videos of ” Valkyrie Elysion “, so please consider subscribing to the channel.

 In addition, video upload information will be posted on Twitter. Thank you for following me.

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