The first big run of Splatoon 3 will be held today

The first big run of Splatoon 3 will be held today 12/10 at 9:00. The stage can be played for 48 hours until 9:00 on December 12th at Smashy World

The first big run will be held from 9:00 on December 10, 2022, to 9:00 on December 12, 2022, in the  Nintendo Switch software ” Splatoon 3 “. In this article, we will introduce the overview and rewards of the Big Run.

Regarding the content of the part-time job, although the stage is different from usual, the content of spitting salmon, delivering golden salmon roe, and aiming to achieve the quota is the same. Here are some tips to increase your success rate. We will also explain high tides, low tides, and special waves that were confirmed at the time of article publication. In addition, in this big run, all the buki will be randomly supplied, and the bear sun blaster will appear as the bear sun Buki.

Normal WAVE

 The position of the container is the respawn point during the battle. Salmon appears in the water on the right side of the front and from the Kanketsusen on the left. I want to deal with salmon without getting too close to the water’s edge, except when attacking from the high ground at the respawn point and knocking down towers and datapads. In particular, the salmon coming from the left Kanketsusen can be safely fought on the high ground in front, so it is recommended that you do not go to the lower left section unless you are collecting golden salmon roe.

low tide

 The position of the container at low tide is the center of the stage. The water level drops, and salmon appear from the kanketsusen that appears on one side of the stage. When a salmon appears, it’s tempting to approach and kill it quickly, but try to lure it near the container before defeating it. This is because if you kill the giant salmon near the Kanketsusen, not only will it take time to transport the golden salmon roe, but the risk of being attacked and killed immediately by the salmon that appears from the Kanketsusen increases.

 However, if a catapult or tower appears, don’t forget to take the initiative to defeat it. If it seems difficult to approach, use a special weapon to deal with it.

high tide

 The position of the container at high tide is the same as at low tide, at the center of the stage. However, as the water level rises, salmon will appear from all directions. Be aware that it is easy to be late in noticing the salmon approaching from behind or the appearance of a tower or datapad.

 Also, since salmon appear from the front and back, it tends to be a situation where there is a salmon no matter which way you run. Therefore, we would like to quickly deal with snakes, horsetails, and pan pigs so that we can safely fight around the container.

If you can’t keep up with the salmon handling and decide that it’s a dangerous situation, you can temporarily evacuate to the outer part of the stage and guide the salmon while handling the salmon with a special weapon. However, this is only an emergency response, so basically take down the salmon quickly so that you can continue fighting in the center.

special waves

 There are fewer types of special waves in Big Run than in normal Salmon Run. Currently, we have confirmed three types: rush (light fly), boxwood, and grill. As for these, they did not occur at all water levels, and they did not occur repeatedly.

Rush (Light fly)

 The level of difficulty varies greatly depending on what kind of weapon formation occurs, but it is essential for the four people to gather in one place and keep defeating the salmon. At this time, it will be easier to deal with it if you can narrow down the direction in which the salmon is approaching one place. The recommended meeting point at each water level is shown in the picture below. However, since the number of trials is still small, I would like you to keep it as a reference only.


 From the mother ship in the sky, a salmon flies with a box. If you kill the salmon holding the box, it will drop golden salmon roe. If you attack a box, it will explode, so you can defeat it no matter which one you aim at. Salmon that can’t be beaten will leave the box on the stage and fly away, but since salmon will appear one after another from the box, try to break the box placed on the stage even if you don’t drop the golden salmon roe.


 The key to clearing is to successfully guide the target player with the red line so that your friends can attack safely. Recommended guidance points at low tide are as shown in the picture. It hasn’t occurred at other water levels yet, so it’s a matter of imagination, but it’s better to use the same place at high tide and the rush gathering place at normal water levels.

 In addition, if you defeat several grills and have enough gold salmon roe, but the grill is a hindrance and it is difficult to deliver, the person being targeted should move to another location. By moving to the same terrain on the opposite side of the stage and dealing with the grill, it should be easier for other players to deliver.

Various deals during the big run period!

 So, with reference to how to fight in these big runs, please try to challenge the big run. During the Big Run period, the number of catalog points you can obtain will be 1.2 times the usual amount, and the amount of capsules that can be exchanged with Kumasan points is also large, making it easier to collect money, food and drink tickets, gear power pieces, etc..

 Also, if you participate in the Big Run at least once, you can get the goodies of the Okashira Salmon “Yokozuna”. In addition, depending on the highest score of golden salmon roe collected in one part-time job, you can upgrade your kimono and get a badge attached to your nameplate.

 Well, the first big run has just begun. It will be held until 9:00 on December 12, 2022, so why not try participating and get some squid? In order to get various rewards, you should cooperate with your friends and work hard at your part-time job!

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