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Tekken 8 interview with Mr. Katsuhiro Harada. The battle concept is “aggressive”. “This time it’s more interesting to attack aggressively, it’s exhilarating, and it’s strong.

” Tekken 8 ” is the latest installment in  the popular fighting game ” Tekken ” series. Regarding the latest information that was just announced today on December 9, 2022, we quickly asked Mr. Katsuhiro Harada, who oversees the production of this work, for details. Please check the changes from the current title ” Tekken 7 ” and the development staff’s commitment to “Aggressive”, which is the keyword of the battle system.

The latest information on Tekken 8 just released + Mr. Harada’s comment

 First, let’s deliver the latest information, which is the premise of the interview, along with Mr. Harada’s comments.

TEKKEN 8 – Story & Gameplay Teaser Trailer


HaradaThis is the key art of Tekken 8. If you look closely at Kazuya’s back, you can see the black aura that resembles the wings of a devil, and the chains that indicate the curse of the two devils.

 The keyword for this work is “FIST MEETS FATE”. “FIST” is, of course, a fist, and the Mishima family is always fighting with “FATE”… in other words, fate and destiny. I think that this key art will be seen in various places in the future.

Harada: I showed it in the first trailer video, and I think it became decisive this time, but the part where Kazuya and Jin’s story ends is a very important key in the story. It’s going to be

 We showed some scenes in the latest trailer, but basically, all of them are reproduced with game models. Both the real-time battle part and the pre-rendering (pre-generated (rendered) CG) part are doing something like a so-called puppet show or ensemble show using the game model, so when it is completed, it will be very impressive. I think it will be something worth seeing.

As for the story, it takes place half a year after the ending of Tekken 7. I think Jin said something like “I’ll kill him” in the ending, and the scene where he fights against Kazuya is included in the story and gameplay teaser trailer.

As shown in the Harada trailer, Jun Kazama is back. Of course, the story has an important entanglement, and this time it’s playable. In terms of the number of appearances, even if it looks like this, it’s the 4th time in the series. Despite the long-awaited revival, it’s coming out properly (laughs).

 However, in terms of numbering, I think it’s the first time since ” Tekken 2 ” that it appears only in an all-star festive title called “Tag”. In that sense, this time “I will return to the main story for the first time”. It is an image like a book revival. He’s a character with very high expectations, so I think he’ll be able to meet the needs of most people in the community.

By the way, according to the data we have, it’s much more popular overseas than in Japan, especially in North America and South America. Perhaps, but it seems that Japanese women have a mysterious charm, and the usage rate and response in ” Tekken Tag Tournament 2 ” are overwhelming. There is a big difference with Japan. Of course, even in Japan, the support from those who pay attention to the story seems to be high.

Harada These five people who appeared in the trailer are confirmed to be playable. If I just show you this and say, “Actually, I can’t use Jack,” he’ll probably get angry (laughs). Of course, I will continue to do things like “Actually, this character is also here”, but first of all, this is the only one that will come out. If you look at it this way, you’re currently the only red.

Harada: This battle concept, or rather the gameplay concept, is based on the keyword “aggressive”. Aggressive has many meanings. In terms of the battle system, it’s more fun to attack aggressively this time, it’s exhilarating, and it’s aggressive with the meaning of being strong.

 Also, the visual expression. In addition to the camera work, staging, effects, and even the stage destruction gimmicks, we made it look very aggressive.

Harada’s one of the things that embody the theme of aggressiveness, we have included a completely new system, the “Heat” system. I will explain the detailed mechanism on another occasion, but in short, it is a mechanism that “encourages attack”.

 I think it’s the same whether it’s a real martial art or a fighting game, but when the ability is balanced, “I can’t help each other and confront each other” happens. In a fighting game, if both players are good at defending, in the extreme case, they will guard 100% and the match will not move.

The heating system is what encourages you to attack when you are at a loss as to what to do. There are things that can only be done at this time, so I think I’m pretty aggressive.

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